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Get started TODAY with the Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus!

Join National Cat Groomers Institute founder, Danelle German, as she walks you through a 10-week course to master the art of cat grooming and do things you never thought possible! 

What you'll learn:

How to assess each cat BEFORE you groom it to make the best choices for safe, complete and beautiful results every time.

How to price your services to be profitable and how to get clients on a regular maintenance program. 

How to perform each groom so it results in a beautiful finish with straight crisp lines, symmetry, and balance. 

How to work in an efficient and speedy manner to ensure complete grooms with significantly less risk. 

Who is the Syllabus Program For?

The Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus is for cat grooming students of all experience levels. The program covers all aspects of cat grooming, starting at the beginning with feline temperaments, breed & color termiology, and covering through more advanced, challenging grooms with senior or aggressive cats. 

The Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus includes the following:

13 comprehensive online courses

Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia

Cat Handling Techniques for the Groomer

5 cat grooming DVDs

Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia

The most thorough cat groomer book on the market. This will be used as your textbook during the syllabus.

Cat Handling Techniques for the Groomer

This pictoral guide demonstrates a variety of handling techniques for cats during the grooming process.

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5 DVDs

  • "Here Kitty Kitty"
  • "Kryptonite for Cats"
  • "Cat With a Mat"
  • "The Comb Cut"
  • "Get a Grip"

13 Online Courses

  • The Bath: Why & How
  • Nail Trims and Soft Paws
  • Grooming the Aggressive Cat
  • The Lion Cut
  • Senior Cats
  • Business Development
  • plus 7 more!

What others are saying.........

I am a long time dog groomer; I had some cat experience when I left for NCGIA in 2014. I was also a new grooming business owner at that time. I signed up to improve my cat grooming skills and increase my cat clientele. I attended NCGIA, and I left with so much more! NCGIA helped enable me to be more confident as a professional groomer and business owner, to say the least. The knowledge and skills I learned grew my cat business. I have over 250 cat clients, most on regular schedules, and business is good! I cannot speak highly enough about the instruction I received and the techniques I learned. Becoming a CFMG opened up a new world for me. I became a cat grooming professional. I know my cat breeds, how to re-book a client, charge what I am worth, safely handle any cat that comes my way, and so much more! NCGIA has breathed new life into this groomer’s career.

Melissa Hall, CFMG in Arizona

I have been grooming cats for three years, have attended Danelle’s workshops, and purchased most of the curriculum. When I analyzed why my cat grooming was growing slowly, I realized that I had not put the serious time into it that I did into my dog grooming. In the three weeks since I joined boot camp and actually started studying the curriculum instead of treating it as a problem-solving reference, I have been amazed at the additional handling tips I have found and the confidence I have gained from being on the path to mastery. Thanks are due to Danelle as she was so helpful with her last-minute pre-holiday shipment of brochures which my local vet will now be distributing. I had the opportunity to do this before but just needed the boost in confidence to “make the sale."

Kathy Edwards, Go Getter in Colorado

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